Be at the forefront of a great healthcare future.
Kiira Connects your school to doctors, nurses and therapists 24/7, including after-hours and weekends.

We believe that creating the future of healthcare starts with our youth and we are here to support them on their journey towards positive, affordable, reliable healthcare experiences.

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If you are a college admin looking to offer kiira's mental Health, Gynecology and primary care services to your students, we are here to support you. Head over to the for schools page to schedule a demo.

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Hey student! We are here for you. Did you receive an invitation for kiira? Please follow the instructions in your email. If you are a student seeking additional information about Kiira. Head over to the for students page to learn more.

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The student health solution for the modern college.

Having care that you can relate to is important. Our multicultural network of providers create an inclusive space for all races, genders, and sexual identities.

Serena Williams supports Kiira

"Kiira is a telehealth platform for collegiate women focused on addressing women’s health inequalities – a cause I’ve long been passionate about. Kiira’s AI-driven platform is staffed by healthcare providers who understand the gendered and racial nuances of healthcare, providing an empathetic and trustworthy voice in a field where Black women have been dismissed."

Video visits available in 15 states and counting!

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  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
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What's New in Student Health

News and Resources

We've got lots of resources for you on the Kick it with Kiira student page.

Health & Wellness

Dr. Candice Fraser, FACOG, MBA

The Importance of the HPV Vaccine

Student health advocacy encompasses all aspects of health for students
Health & Wellness

Kaila Flemming

The Rise of Student Health Advocates

Let's Explore the overturn of Roe v. Wade and how it affects you as a college student
Sexual Health

Kaila Flemming

What does Roe v. Wade's Overturn Mean to College Students?

June is Pride Month and Kiira is proud to support LGBTQIA+ communities on campus.
Health & Wellness

Jennifer Eggerton

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Communities on Campus

Sexual Health

Dr. Candice Fraser, FACOG, MBA

Teenage Pregnancy

There are a variety of factors that contribute to mental health issues in college students.
Mental Health

Kiira Student Health Contributor

Mental Health & College Campuses: How Stress Affects Student Performance

 According to the Bureau of Justice Stats, college students are at a higher risk for sexual Assault.
Health & Wellness

Kiira Contributor

Sexual assault and violence on college campuses

College is a time in a young adult's life where most experiments and explores sexual preferences.
Sexual Health

Idongesit Obeya | Contributor

STD's on College Campuses

A few things to think about while creating a great women's health strategy on campus
Health & Wellness

Crystal Adesanya

Women's health on college campuses

Do you love to go into a health center, hospital, or clinic and truly felt, heard? Students too.
Health & Wellness

Idongesit Obeya, Student Health Contributor

Students need to speak to providers who represent them. Here's why!

Tips for staying safe as you return to the classroom.
Health & Wellness

Sarah Foley - Kiira Student Health Contributor

Omicron and Back-To-School: What You Need To Know

Think of a health assessment like a conversation where you set the baseline for your health.
Health & Wellness

Dr. Candice Fraser MD FACOG

Get your baseline: Importance of Health Assessments for Students

Here's how students can access the new free COVID-19 tests.
Health & Wellness

Sarah Foley - Kiira Student Health Contributor

USPS Free COVID-19 Tests: What Students Need To Know

Kiira Student Health, the student-facing product of Kiira Health Inc has joined the prestigious ACHA
Health & Wellness

Crystal Adesanya

Kiira Student Health Joins the American College Health Association (ACHA)

Health & Wellness

CR News

CR Launches Kiira

LIM College is partners with Kiira to revolutionize student health
Health & Wellness

LIM College is partnering with Kiira

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