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We are here to support your students physical and mental health needs

Primary Care

Access medical doctors and nurse practitioners for your everyday needs all year round.


Connect to OBGYN’s, nurse practitioners and other women’s health experts

Mental Health

We connect students to mental health providers, counselors, and psychiatrists and more.

A New Healthcare Solution for your students.

On the Kiira Platform, your students can now;

Book Video Visits

Same day appointments with experts.

Chat with experts

Talk to our expert team 24/7

Order prescriptions

Click and order to pharmacy
and more..

Population health insights

Know what's happening on your campus. Access student health analytics, understand student health needs, and provide better resources.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We work with diverse student bodies and we understand that Students need representation in their healthcare. That is why our network of multicultural professionals are here to support students social, cultural and racial needs.

Here's what Kiira can do for you

Improve overall student health engagement and wellness.

Increase student productivity and attendance.

Reduce student anxiety and burnout rates.

See what our partners have to say

Get inspired by their stories.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Kiira health team to increase access for our students.

Keith Flamer
President - College of the Redwoods

This is a game-changer and we are proud to support this mission

Gary May
Chancellor - UC Davis

This is a much-needed resource and we are so excited to be working with the kiira health team

Jodi Licht
Senior Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services - LIM College

We are here to help your students thrive

Give your students a heads start on their health with a partnership with kiira. Ready to bring Kiira to your school ? Are you a college health admin ready to partner? Request a demo with our team.

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Affordable, adaptable plans

Aggregated population health Insights

Plans designed for entire student bodies. No hidden costs or surprises

Health assessments

Get free health baseline assessments for your students.

Insurance plans accepted

We accept your students insurance.

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How does Kiira student health work with schools?

We work together with colleges and universities as a supplemental benefit to their existing health offerings, streamline care coordination, and promote all-round wellness for students.

What type of clinicians are on the Kiira student health  platform?

Kiira student health  offers a variety of clinicians including OBGYN's, Women's Health Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers and more.

What makes Kiira unique?

Kiira student health is designed with the unique needs of students in mind. We offer a safe and accessible way to connect with providers from anywhere and at any time.

Is Kiira inclusive of all students?

Kiira is dedicated to improving the overall health outcomes of all students and fostering health equity on campuses. Kiira supports every student regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

How does Kiira work?

Colleges and Universities can partner with Kiira and offer full membership to their students at a discounted rate. Once students are invited, they can login and start connecting with experts in moments.

Where is Kiira virtual care available?

Kiira is now available nationwide! Yup, that means in all 50 states.

What comes with the Kiira platform fee?

We provide campuses with our advanced telemedicine platform and equip them with a dedicated care team of culturally diverse, licensed and vetted clinicians that work hand in hand with the college / university to deliver care to students from anywhere. We also provide insights and information on aggregated population health metrics.