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Kiira Student Health Joins the American College Health Association (ACHA)

Crystal Adesanya

Kiira Student Health, the student-facing solution of Kiira Health Inc has joined the prestigious American College Health Association (ACHA) as a sustaining member. The company connects adolescents and young adults to primary, gynecology, and mental providers through a virtual health platform geared towards addressing the unique needs of busy college-goers.  

What is Kiira Student Health? 

Kiira’s Student Health platform under is a college student's entry point to receiving evidence-based care from licensed professionals 24/7 via video and chat. 

Upon receiving an email invitation to sign up from their sponsoring school, students can access Kiira on their phones and begin their Kiira healthcare journey with four simple steps:

  1. Download the Kiira health app
  2. Create an account using their student email
  3. Set up an appointment for a free 15-minute health assessment with a provider 
  4. Return to the app to connect with a provider and complete the free health assessment 

Upon completion of the free health assessment, students can book a video visit with any of our nationwide providers including primary care doctors, OBGYN’s therapists, and more. 

What is ACHA?

Since 1920, the American College Health Association (ACHA) has served as the voice for student health and wellness. Through advocacy, research and education, ACHA stands at the forefront of issues that impact the health and wellness of our college students. ACHA represents over 800 institutions of higher education and the collective health and wellness needs of 20 million college students. ACHA serves nearly 5,500 individual college health and wellness professionals and leaders of all disciplines united together to advance the health and wellness of college students. Source (

Why is this relationship important?

Kiira’s sustaining membership with ACHA represents a significant step forward in developing relationships with the higher education community and fostering new and innovative ways in supporting college student’s mental, physical, and social needs. Throughout 2022 and beyond, Kiira plans to work with student leaders and admins to promote preventative care and wellness on campuses with both virtual and in-person initiatives..

How does Kiira work with colleges and universities?

Kiira works in tandem with colleges and universities as an extension of their existing healthcare initiatives. Our goal is to support student health and other college administrators,  to ensure that their students' mental and physical health needs are covered. Partnering with Kiira Student Health, colleges can offer 24/7, after hours, and weekend care options to students.

Kiira Student Health plans are designed to be flexible and meet the specific needs of colleges and universities. We understand the importance of supporting college and university students with accessible healthcare as they maneuver through the COVID pandemic and through the emotional and social stress induced by hybrid learning models. Kiira Student Health’s goal is to become a guiding partner along the student’s healthcare journey.

If you are a college health administrator passionate about providing culture-centered healthcare to your students, please visit schools pages on to schedule a demo.

If you are a student ready to experience healthcare tailored to your needs, please visit our For Students page on and find out if Kiira is at your school.