Health & Wellness

LIM College is partnering with Kiira

Curtis W. Hoover, LIM's Vice President of Student Affairs said, “Kiira is an excellent resource that will empower our students to take control of their own health and needs. Through Kiira’s platform, students will be able to connect to 24/7 health support, virtual visits with healthcare experts, and resources on a variety of health and wellness topics.”

Kiira operates as a virtual health clinic, with a subscription model for schools, to optimize health and wellness for students. Through the Kiira app, students can get in touch with medical professionals ranging from primary care doctors to gynecologists and mental health professionals. Patients have access to same-day virtual appointments, transparent low rates that allow for insurance and cash payments, and HIPPA compliant privacy standards.

“Traditional healthcare systems in the higher education community were not designed with young students in mind,” said Crystal Adesanya, Co-Founder of Kiira. “LIM College is leading the way on this issue by giving students access to 24/7 care, and a diverse universe of medical professionals, that take into account concerns and the sensitive nature of student health—all through Kiira. As a former college student myself, I know that I would have really appreciated a resource like this that empowered me to manage my own health care needs.”

Dr. Fraser, co-founder of Kiira and board-certified OB-GYN said, “Doctors appointments are tricky for college students. They are transitioning between long-time family doctors or pediatricians and their own adult healthcare, and often they fall between the healthcare cracks. That means they skip preventative care and basic sick care, landing in urgent care when it goes too far. Now, thanks to their school, they have the ability to jump on a telehealth appointment through Kiira and are empowered to seek the medical help or advice they need.”

Kiira was founded following an experience Adesanya had while in college. Due to lack of access to the right providers, she relied on "Dr. Google" for answers instead of seeking professional medical advice. This landed her in a surgery that would have otherwise been avoided. Dr. Fraser is a New York City-based gynecologist who recognized a gap in care for college-aged people, and joined forces with Adesanya to create a better way of reaching and treating young people with the goal of improving health outcomes.

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