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Student Health Reimagined- How to Maximize your Kiira Student Health Membership

Kaila Flemming

Kiira Health was created after our founder, Crystal Adesanya, experienced a health scare on her college campus and had nowhere to turn, as many of us, she turned to Google and ended up in a scary situation. The experience left her determined to change the way healthcare works, and Kiira was born. Now you don’t have to self diagnose. Talk to us!

Kiira Student health is offered to college students to access healthcare at their fingertips. Colleges and Universities that provide this service for students are able to gain extra help in meeting the after hour gap in their student health centers. This allows students 24/7 access to chat with doctors about concerns they may have- no matter how big or small they may be. But it doesn’t stop with just getting your questions answered! Students are able to schedule primary care visits- seek mental health counseling and access our educational resources.

We understand that for many students in college- this may be their first time on their own trying to navigate the world. Learning to take of themselves can be challenging and at times confusing but  we are here to say- when it comes to your health- we have got your back.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your Kiira Student health membership!

  • If Kiira is offer at your school, check you student email for an invitation
  • Download the app and set up a password and create your profile, you will be asked to set your personal and medical details so our doctors can see them before your visits
  • Select a doctor that best fits your needs
  • Start your health journey by booking you first health assessment

If you would like to continue to advocate and get involved in Kiira’s mission we have an ambassador program for college students. If you are interested in making a change email us at

We have not partnered with your school ye? become a member and you can still enjoy all our services!