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What does Roe v. Wade's Overturn Mean to College Students?

Kaila Flemming

Does the Overturn of Roe V Wade Affect You As a College Student?

On Friday 24th of May, the supreme court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade was announced. A decision that is viewed as a direct attack on the reproductive health of women. This change was on the premise that abortion was not mentioned in the constitution and therefore the decision that allowed abortion based on the right to privacy was not in alignment with the constitution.

Roe V Wade is a law instituted by the United States Supreme Court in 1973, protecting a woman’s right to abortion on the premise that we all have a right to privacy. On June 24th, the Supreme Court decided to overturn the previous decision that abortion was a matter of privacy and removed the laws that protected abortion nationwide.

This law affects different states uniquely as the states are now able to institute their own policies with regards to abortion right

Of those who have abortions, people ages 20-29 make up 57%. These are the years during which most young adults decide to pursue a degree in college. More specifically, 41% of those who have abortions have completed some college and many of them have claimed that their decision was made to ensure that they became established in their career before having a child. With the new ruling regarding Roe V Wade, the decrease in access to abortion care can lead to many college students struggling to make the choices they feel necessary for their body- whatever their reasoning may be. This could prevent many women from living the lives that they want and feel is best for them- without having any say in the matter.

This is an issue that affects various demographics, college students only being one of them . It has the potential to destroy the livelihood of many and is a clear indication that our reproductive health is being threatened.

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