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Kiira provides personalized primary care, mental health, and women's health resources at your fingertips.

24/7 Health Support

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Virtual Visits

and prescriptions
within 48 hours

A Team of Experts

in primary care,
OBGYNs, and therapy

Health Resources

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What does my school cover?

Through Kiira you have access to providers 24/7 via chat absolutely free and credits for free virtual visits. Please contact us to redeem your credits at

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Access health specialists anytime, anywhere

Kiira virtually connects you with a community of trusted clinicians and specializes in providing multicultural care.

How it works:

Step 1

Register for a Kiira Account. Use code CRSTUDENTDISCOUNT at checkout to get 50% off membership.

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Step 2

Start booking right away using the unique code received in your registration email.

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Step 3

You can also download the Kiira app and activate your account using your student email address.

Step 4

Start are chat on our website or start texting doctors on the app right away. Need immediate help? Email us at

Want to impact health at your school?

Our job is to empower you to make the best out of your college experience. Join the Kiira ambassador program for access to perks, mentorship and internship opportunities.


How does Kiira work with schools?

We work together with colleges and universities as a supplemental benefit to their existing health offerings, streamline care coordination, and promote all-round wellness for students.

What type of clinicians are on the Kiira platform?

Kiira offers a variety of clinicians including OBGYN's, Women's Health Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers and more.

What makes Kiira unique?

Kiira is a women's health company designed to revolutionize women's health starting with colleges and universities. The Kiira platform provides students with access to trusted clinicians including primary care providers, women's health specialists, mental health experts and more available 24/7 via phone, video and chat. Our clinicians come from various multicultural backgrounds addressing the unique needs of your diverse student population.

Is Kiira inclusive of all students?

At Kiira, we specialize in women's healthcare. However, we are dedicated to improving the overall health outcomes of all students and fostering health equity on campuses. Kiira supports every student regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Work with us and we can extend our offering to all your students including the male population and other students.

How does Kiira work?

Colleges and Universities can partner with Kiira and offer full membership to their students at a discounted rate. Once students are invited, they can login and start connecting with experts in moments.

Where is Kiira virtual care available?

Kiira is now available nationwide. That means in all 50 states.

What comes with the Kiira platform fee?

We provide campuses with our advanced telemedicine platform and equip them with a dedicated care team of culturally diverse, licensed and vetted clinicians that work hand in hand with the college / university to deliver care to students from anywhere. We also provide insights and information on aggregated population health metrics.